Cant get enemy to stop when having reached destination?!

So I have a enemy with RichAI and am using it on a Recast Graph. I have set its target as the player using the AI Destination Setter, and am finding its path using the Seeker. Its target is on floor level and the pathfinding works great until it has reached the player. It continues to push the player forever, no matter what I set End Reached Distance to. I want it to stop near the player but cant seem to get it to work. I will attach a video and some images. If it helps I have noticed that Reached Destination & Reached End Of Path both get set to true in the debug section, but Path Pending continues to flicker between true and false. Thanks.



If you upgrade to the beta version, the RichAI will have a field called “whenCloseToDestination” which you can set to “Stop”. That will make the agent stop once it is within endReachedDistance from the destination.

See AIBase - A* Pathfinding Project

If you don’t want to upgrade, you could do something like this:

void Update () {
    ai.isStopped = ai.remainingDistance < someThreshold;