Can't create a Path

Using the free version (4.2.17) with Unity 2022.3. I am trying to create a path object but it’s not letting me, attached a picture of the code for reference.

Edit: I can’t create anything from the project as I also tried to make a seeker and it didn’t work



What error message are you getting?


I am not getting any compilation errors which I thought was strange. So I kept writing the script anyway and it works fine as intended, I guess I am just missing the intellisense now.

And here is the visual studio error:

It looks like an issue with how your visual studio project is set up. If Unity is compiling the code fine, I think you’ll have to re-create your visual studio project to make it up to date.

I tried regenerating the project files and make sure visual studio is up to date but that also didn’t work.