Can't add script error when inheriting GraphUpdateObject

As seen here: on the section The Graph Update Object, I’m trying to recreate MyGUO script from the example which inherits from Graph Update Object.

I’ve tried recreating the script with unique names, copy-pasting code on the example, and moving the script around the project folder, but whenever a script inherits from Graph Update Object, it cannot be attached to a game object. When I try to do so, it returns a mesasge saying that “Can’t add script: The script don’t inherit a native class that can manage a script”.

I’m using 4.3.43 version, and the documentation is on 4.2.15 version, so I wonder if inheriting from Graph Update Object is outdated.


The GraphUpdateObject is not a monobehavior and you should not try to attach it to a GameObject.
You use a GraphUpdateObject purely through code like this:

// using Pathfinding; //At top of script

// As an example, use the bounding box from the attached collider
Bounds bounds = GetComponent<Collider>().bounds;
var guo = new GraphUpdateObject(bounds);

// Set some settings
guo.updatePhysics = true;;