Can't add custom script into AIBase.cs

Hey anybody have an idea why i cant use “using Chronos” in one file, but yes in the other.
I use AStar Pathinding pro, and the AIBase scripts is unable to find the reference for “using Chronos”. I need it in this script to adjust the Time.deltaTime to time.deltaTime (a custom timescale system).

The simple thing i want is to add whatever i want into the AIBase.cs script. I want to edit the Time.deltaTime part.

I just can’t add any custom script in here or i get “The type or namespace name ‘ANYTHING’ could not be found”. I can also not use my own written scripts in namespace “using MallManager”. Same error, while in other assets in the same project all is fine.

This is a simple example. The “using Chronos” is not working in A* scripts… Same project, different asset it does work.

Would love to see some help :slight_smile:

Chronos project, for if you need it

I found out that you have to make your own custom Assembly Definition and link it with a*. Now it works.

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