Cannot Decompress Package

I have downloaded (and re-downloaded) the free versions for v4.0.11, v4.1.9 beta and v3.8.12. When attempting to import the package, all of them give me the same error:
Failed to import package with error: Couldn’t decompress package

This occurs in both new and existing projects based off of my root drive (should not be a filepath issue with naming/length). Any help with being able to import the package is appreciated.

NOTE: I am using Unity 2017.3, I have not tried it on an older version yet but will attempt to do so.

Huh. Odd.
Are you decompressing the zip file that the UnityPackage is in first?

Yes. I’ve tried taking it out of the folder it was extracted to, tried renaming the package file as well as the folder it was extracted to, tried re-downloading the zip files and different versions of the package.

The only post on the forums I could find is this one - Can't Import Package Into Unity 5.3.2.

I’ve tried google to find others that encountered similar problems but have had no luck in finding a solution. I plan to try other versions as well as re-installing my current Unity version but I haven’t gotten a spare moment to wait around for that yet.

Ok. I double checked and I can at least decompress the package using Unity 5.2.2.

Hey, thanks for checking.

I’ve been super busy so this was backlogged but I’m embarrassed to say that I had forgotten about my antivirus silently blocking things (usually it’s the first thing I check).
Turns out Bitdefender has been blocking the attempt to decompress in Unity, sorry for wasting your time.

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