Canceled path because a new one was requested


I have a scene with the Astarpathfinding, with everything working fine. But when I load the level with LoadLevelAdditive I get the follow error: “Canceled path because a new one was requested”.

Anyone know what this error is about?

When a seeker component gets a new path request before the current one has been completed, it will cancel the current request with the error> “Canceled path because a new one was requested”. I am not sure why you get it when you load a scene with LoadLevelAdditive though… Are there any problems showing up?

I found out that when I disable the Astar Path script, then enable it again this error shows up.

That might well be because no pathfinding can be processed (unless using multithreading) when the AstarPath script is disabled, so pathfinding requests will pile up on the Seeker, therefore earlier path requests will get canceled.