Can you have giant navmeshes like I mean huge huge and only update small sections without lag?

I’ve been making a game heavily based on AI being constantly active throughout the map at all times and Unity’s Navmesh is starting to fall apart for me. I tried it’s volume thing for the navmesh surfaces but that deletes all outside navmesh of the zone so that couldn’t work for me then I tried separating it into chunks of smaller navmeshes but Unity doesn’t support letting AI cross from one navmesh to another except with links but they look so unnatural and don’t work for my game.

So I heard about this stuff and want to know if it’ll work for me before I spend too much time on it, I just want to have a massive navmesh that I can update in runtime without any lagspikes what so ever. Now I most likely won’t be updating it all at once but only smaller sections, but it could be one small area here and one small area all the way over there. Also the AI has to be still active doing it’s thing even if I’m not near by it at all.

Can this solution do this? Thanks!

Ryanater: I know where you are coming from, as I’ve been there and had that horrible spike lag when doing updates on Unity navmesh, not only that but as I had constant moving platform I had a problem that as the Unity navmesh was not refreshing fast enough that agents were left floating on the sky, and If I disable the agent, now they start falling off the platform, but my main problem, that Unity navmesh completly broke, was with floating agents (I needed for floating enemies) that was the last nail in the coffin while trying to work around Unity AI. I was searching for something that could fit my needs and try different solutions, but A* really nail it.
You need to buy pro to get all the goodies, but being able to use Recast along with refreshing only portions of it (Bounds), not any lagspikes what so ever. In my case as the Wii U cannot deal with some of the dependencies of Recast, I had to resort back to NavMesh, but this tool make it so easy to deal with it, as I only had to export to .obj those RecastNavMesh, inverse the Z axis on blender and import back but as NavMesh. There are few thing you need to know. NavMesh doesn’t like to work with Dynamically NavMesh Cuts, Recast has no problem with them, but on NavMesh it will make lagspikes, the good thing is that you can use Tags and forget about NavMesh Cuts, you can dinamycally add node connections between the differents NavMesh and do as you please, so the short answer is YES, this solution can do what you need.

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I’m hesitant to down 100 dollars to something that Idk would even help me, can I see it first with the free version or do I need the paid to get what I want? Performance isn’t super important as its only for pc but I have to have 0 lagspikes as I refresh the navmesh very often.

What is huge huge to you? This depends both on the size and the resolution you need.