Can recast graph be drawn on ground that isn't a straight piece?

Hi there, I’m using a recurve graph and want to create it on the piece of land shown in the image below. As you can see, the graph only draws over the piece of land that is completely straight. I’d like it to draw a bit further towards the edge until the slope gets too steep.

In the Pathfinder I’ve tried playing around with the Max Slope setting but no luck. I’m using rasterize colliders on a layer called ‘NavMesh’. Both the straight piece of land is one such collider, and the edges are such colliders as well. See the other image below for a visual of an edge collider. They’re both on the ‘NavMesh’ layer. With the original Unity Navmesh system these bits did get included to the nevmash. The only difference between the straight and the edge collider other than the shape is the fact that the edge collider uses a mesh collider and the straight part uses a box collider.

Hopefully you can help me out with this. Cheers!


You need to change settings of your recast graph. Try to change height, climb and slope

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Hey, thanks for the quick response. I had tried tweaking those 3 values but to little effect. However, tweaking those 3 values along with ‘Max Border Edge Length’ and ‘Max Edge Error’ yielded some results.

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