Can not change move speed of AIPath on script

Hello. I have created gameObject with character controller and AIPath. In script I have made this:
currentEnemy = findClosestEnemy(); = currentEnemy.transform; aiPath.speed = moveSpeed; Debug.Log(aiPath.speed);

I set my moveSpeed to 10f, but Debug always shows me 1.5f and gameObject moves very slow.

Since AIPath.speed is a simple floating point variable, there is no way that cannot be set using that code.
Debug.Log(moveSpeed + " " + aiPath.speed);
and see if your moveSpeed really is set to 10f.

I have found my problem. In my source code moveSpeed is set to 10 it is public. However I forgot that I have set values to 1.5 in Editor. My GameObjects has more than 10 components and it was very distracting. Thank you.