Can no longer access the NodeLink2 an agent is currently traversing

Just updated to 4.3.86.
Previously in TraverseOffMeshLink I was using the passed RichSpecial’s nodelink reference and converting it to my custom class to access it and pass some info to keep track of any agents using the custom link. With the update though the nodeLink reference is now of type offMeshLinkTracer and can’t be treated as my special class type.

I couldn’t find a way get access to or find the nodeLink2 being traversed by the agent. Hopefully there is just something I am missing.

(My agents use RichAI and a Seeker component on a recast graph.)


Yes, there have been some changes there.
You can access the node link’s GameObject using richSpecial.nodeLink.gameObject. From there you can get any component on the link.

Heh, thought so. I was overlooking something completely obvious. Thanks for the help.