Can i use navmesh graph in 2D TopDown games?

Hi Aron

i’m trying to build a 2D top-down game.

i check the Example15_2D,Example16_RVO 2D. it all use the Gird Graph. but my game will have big open area. so i think Navmesh Graph should best for it.

for now i can manually generate the mesh i need.

first i try with 3D mesh (XZ panel, Y=0) . and rotate all my 2D assets with 90°.

and set the AIPath Orientation= ZAxisForward, RVO Simulator Movement Plane= XZ


it works fine.

then i re-generate the mesh in 2D direction (XY panel, Z=0). not rotate the 2D assets.

set the AIPath Orientation= YAxisForward, RVO Simulator Movement Plane= XY

the agent won’t move.

so is my doing right? or the nevmesh graph not fit for 2D.



never mind. I found the document HERE. :joy:

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