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Callback for links on spherical worlds

I’m using AIPathAlignedToSurface, which so far is working as expected for walking around a non-planar mesh (v 4.3.40). Is there’s an easy way to provide a callback to trigger custom behavior if the agent traverses a link? There’s onTraverseOffMeshLink in RichAI for traversing NodeLink2, but that doesn’t seem to be available for other classes. I have no objection to rolling my own – I realize that AIPathAlignedToSurface is just an example, as are the other AI classes – but before I go down a rathole, could anyone tell me if I’m missing something?


This is a limitation of the AIPath script I’m afraid. It doesn’t keep track of off mesh links in the same way as the RichAI script. So I’m afraid you’d have to roll your own for this use case.

Thanks the fast reply on a weekend. Would you expect RichPath to play nice with nonplanar meshes or I should write something simpler to keep track of link proximity?


RichPath will not work well I’m afraid. It has some assumptions about the world being planar.