Calculate path with less cost not working

im working on an indoor navgiation project, i want the ai to choose path with less cost, i have checked penalty but that doesn’t seems to work. any help to fix this would be appreciated.Thanks.


How have you configured it at the moment?

i have attached the scene graph script to the yellow area and set penalty to 0 and then i have attached scene graph script to white area and set the penalty to more than 1.

please let me know if you need anymore info.

this is my setup , please check the below link for video


GraphUpdateScene components do not have a fixed order in which they update the graph. Have you verified that your tags are being set correctly (with A* Inspector → Settings → Debug → Graph Debug Mode = Tag)?

Also, a penalty that high may cause numeric overflows and cause broken pathfinding. A good reference value is that the default cost for moving 1 world unit is 1000. So using a penalty closer to 10000 would be just fine.

if you don’t mind can you configure and give me as a unity package, have been struggling with this for so long.