Calculate if a teleport is quickest path

Hi there,

I have been looking for an answer to this issue a long time on how I can create portals within a grid which can be used for the shortest path to a position.

I have an AIPath grid where I have defined a start and an end position for my character to run. I have also added two gameobjects with a Nodelink2 connection which will serve as my teleport. Right now, when the character starts running it will take the Nodelink2 connection if it is a shorter route. Because the character runs the distance between the Nodelink2 gameobjects, the path won’t represent the actual distance to the end position if it was teleporting. How do I make the pathfinder understand that the distance between the nodelinks should not be a part of the measure?

In short, I would like to remove the path between the Nodelink2 connected gameobjects to measure the actual distance when using portals

Does anybody know if there are a way to fix this? If I need to buy the pro version to fix it, I will seriously consider it, but it is the only thing that I need to fix in my game so buying pro might seem a bit much for just this one problem.

Any help is much appreciated.


Have you set the Cost Factor setting on the NodeLink2 component to 0?