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Cached graph won't load at startup in example scene


So I’m currently working to understand the process during startup to load recast graph. As my huge world is static and there is no reason for it to change, I want to cache it. So I cache it, accepting to scan while prompted and now I have a file for the data cached. The “cache startup” is set to true.

Now, if I change scene and goes back to this one in editor and press play, the cached graph doesn’t load at startup when it should, right? Maybe I didn’t understand something. For this example, I used the RecastExample2 scene. The only thing I changed is that I cached the graph.


I cannot replicate this. If I cache the graph it will load properly at startup in that scene.
Note that if you change any settings for the graph or you have changed the scene you need to generate the cache again since otherwise it will load the older version of the graph when the game starts.

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