Build Issue with Pathfinding v4.2.18

I have a really strange bug using RichAI - Seeker and a navmesh graph. I’m also using local avoidance but I replicated my bug without it so I don’t think it plays any part in this bug.

In editor everything works fine. However in build mode it starts off working fine but then I search for a new path and the richAI doesn’t move - the log does say a path is found but there is no movement. The really weird part is that alt tabbing the build does something that then lets the agent move. I’m really not sure why alt tabbing would then unlock movement? Is there a process somewhere that stops/restarts when alt tabbing?

I’ve also looked in the log and there are no errors with respect to the Pathfinder or building the graph.
I tried caching the graph and building it on awake, the error happens in both.

If alt-tabbing works, then it’s probably something in your game code. There’s nothing in the A* Pathfinding Project that listens for alt-tabbing.

Thanks for your response!

I’ve fixed it by disabling “slow when not looking at target” for the RichAI even though at no point do I control rotation (enableRotation and updateRotation both set to true). It’s struggling to get on the new path and turn around because the desired velocity is directly behind the agent. It seems like in the build it doesn’t want to rotate and you can see it struggling to. Why is this behaviour different for builds and in editor play?

I’m looking into Final Movement in RichAI and ClampVelocity in MovementUtilities and I don’t understand why the behaviour would be different between Editor and Build. And why does alt tabbing unlock the rotation?

I’m really confused as I would like to use the “slow when not looking at target” option.