[BUG] Setting the graphMask of PathRequestSettings does not work

The traversable graph seems to update in the inspector correctly but the entities don’t seem to actually be able to traverse them? Setting the graph manually via the inspector also doesn’t work. I have attached an image too, where you can see the road graph layer, as well as the path layer. I am on version 5.1.4.

I have this code

followerEntity.pathfindingSettings.graphMask = graphMask;
followerEntity.rvoSettings.collidesWith = collidesWith;

and i’ve also tried this code

PathRequestSettings pathRequestSettings = followerEntity.pathfindingSettings;
pathRequestSettings.graphMask = graphMask;
followerEntity.pathfindingSettings = pathRequestSettings;

RVOAgent rvoAgent = followerEntity.rvoSettings;
rvoAgent.collidesWith = collidesWith;

followerEntity.rvoSettings = rvoAgent;