[Bug Reports] Recastg Graph

Hey there, I’m not sure if this is the the right place to report bugs. I’ve installed the beta and found a couple of minor non-breaking bugs.

  1. The Recast Graph “layer mask” doesn’t filter out terrain. If you have “Rasterize Terrain” checked, it will rasterize even terrain on layers outside the mask

  2. The graph surface is now visible when editing a prefab in isolation mode

when i hit play follow entity fly in the sky/ raycast graph unity 2022.2.12
i didnt touched anything in settings of follow entity/ maybe its something related to physics

latest beta 4.3.68. unity 2022. 2.16 / i installed entity package / recast graph/and placed follow entity on Capsule default object/ and it show this errors on play/ + fly in the sky if add AI destination setter

Would you mind pasting the full errors here?

Oops. That was due to a typo I introduced literally minutes before deploying. Sorry about that.
I’ll upload 4.3.69 shortly.

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TY. no errors now/ one thing agent jumping when go to destination / i use default follower entity without changes + AI destination setter. link to video- 20230508_213242 - VEED


Ah, it looks like I have not exposed the raycast ground layer mask on the FollowerEntity. I’m uploading 4.3.70 now, which exposes that. Make sure that mask does not contain the agent’s own layer if the agent has a collider.

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