[BUG REPORT] RecastGraph: scan detects outside of the bounds of the graph

@aron_granberg I have found a bug where the pathfinding is not being constrained to the RecastGraph’s size.

Look at the screenshot:
The pathfinding detects outside of the bounds of the rectangle of the size.
But only in 2 directions: only the bottom and the left direction.
This is because the RecastGraph has “Use Tiles” set to “Use Tiles”.

https://i.imgur.com/0eqPjcI.gif A simpler example.

To reproduce:
Create a new scene.
Create a 3D cube, and scale it to be a ground.
Create a new gameobject with the pathfinder component.
Add to the pathfinder component a Recast Graph.
Set the Recast Graph’s size to fit only the middle of the ground.

You should observe this:


Thanks for reporting.
I think this has been fixed in the beta version: A* Pathfinding Project

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Yes it has been fixed. Checked it out.

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