Bug report: AIPath steering target ignores height

As you can see from the screenshot, the two swordswomen are trying to go up circular stairs to the top of the tower, to reach an enemy above. However, when they get close enough to the path towards the enemy, the steering target jumps to the end of the path because it doesn’t consider height.

The white line is the direction they are trying to move (into the wall) while the green cross is the steering target.

@aron_granberg you’re usually pretty fast at replying so I was just wondering if you had an update on this?


This is something the AIPath script explicitly does not do.
I have thought about this case with spiral staircases, however if the ‘pick next waypoint distance’ is high enough to allow this to happen it is also high enough so that the agent would try to move right across the staircase to the opposite side of it even if the y difference would be respected. So it wouldn’t really help.
I think the correct solution in this case is to reduce the ‘pick next waypoint distance’. Also it looks like your path uses a lot of smoothing, maybe reduce that too?