BUG: Multiple graphs lose the agent height value

Hi All,

I have found a bug.

I have created three recast graphs in the same scene (on the same Pathfinder object) each with a different value for the agent height. However, inside of the Unity editor the height values change and copy values for the other graphs. For instance, if I set a height value of 2, for the first graph then 1 and 0.5 for the other two. When I go back to the first it will have changed to 1, if I change this back to 2, the second graph will also change to 2.

It’s really weird, it’s almost as if these input fields are sharing a reference to the same value.

In the meantime, maybe an alternative method can be suggested while this is fixed. Essentially I’m wanting to create a graph that will allow paths to be created based on the stance of my character. So if they’re standing I will use the GraphMask limiting the path to the graph that was created for the standing stance. Similarly, if the character is prone, I will use the GraphMask so that only the graph which was generated with a height of 0.5 will be used. Is there a better way of doing this?