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[Bug?] Modifiers are run for paths with errors

I’ve noticed something weird while digging through the code of MultiTargetPath. The modifiers (I mean the PreProcess to be specific) are being run even if the path failed with an error.

For example, it happens when someone tries to start MultuTargetPath with an empty target array. The path will fail in the Construct but modifiers (PreProcess) will still be run. Does that make sense if the path failed early?

EDIT: After some thinking, I think it does make sense since the modifiers can alter it maybe not to fail during calculation. I will just check if the path has errors in my modifier, but I am still leaving this topic, maybe it will create some valuable discussion.

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It’s true, it might not make sense for PreProcess to run in that case. It hasn’t really mattered since no path modifiers currently use the PreProcess pass.