BUG: constrainInsideGraph causes character to not move at all

Using LayeredGridGraph
Run game normally (character is able to move)
Click “constrainInsideGraph” on AIPath
Character no longer moves

Seems the problem is in ClampToNavmesh, it is running continually and locking the character to the nearest rounded node.

This doesn’t seem to be constraining to the graph, it’s constraining to the exact position of the nearest node.

The most recent version in changelog.cs is 4.1.14 so perhaps that is the version I’m using?

Hi, was there any update on this?


Sorry for the late answer.
This bug was fixed in version 4.1.15.
Actually according to the changelog it looks like it was you who reported that bug.

Fixed the position returned from querying the closest point on the graph to a point (AstarPath.GetNearest) on layered grid graphs would always be the node center, not the closest point on the node’s surface. Thanks Kevin_Jenkins for reporting this.