Bug: Beta handles supposedly-climbable angled surfaces incorrectly

Here is an image that showcases the issue. In this case the climbable height is 0.9, and the max slope is 35.



  • A collider that is angled heavily but VERY small height still stops the agent from going on top of it!
  • However, a collider that is 90 degrees but much higher still allows the agent to go on top of it. This is correct, since the climbable height is 0.9.

Expected Results:

  • Small surfaces should be considered climbable - if a surface is 90 degrees becomes climbable like that cube, then a surface that is rotated at the same height should be climbable too.

Here is the same location in pre-beta, where this issue was not present:



Yeah, I’ve received several reports about this. It came about because I was fixing another bug, but it inadvertently had this side effect. I’ll try to figure out a good solution.

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