BUG? : Aline : Blurry AF text :'(


We recently imported Aline into our project and have encountered this ‘bug’?

We have a main issue where the Label2d drawn are extremely blurry and of lower quality than Unitys.
This woulndnt be so much of a trouble if we could expand Drawing.Draw or even use UnityEditor.Handles, which seem to be deleted by aline and dont render when used together.
Is this a bug? Could it be fixed ?

Thanks :slight_smile:


How blurry, do you have a screenshot?

The text is a bit blurrier than I would like, that’s true. It’s optimized for debugging with very low overhead, not for optimal rendering quality. This was the best I could make it while still using only a tiny amount of texture memory and allowing arbitrary font sizes.

That seems odd though… ALINE doesn’t prevent Unity from drawing anything.

Hi, thanks you for looking into this

I’ve uploaded a comparison :
All fonts are size 18. In blue dots are Unity’s and in red dots are Aline’s.

I agree with the fact that performance is important, although having text render pretty is important for UX. This may not be an issue at all since we can use Unity’s pretty text at will for non performant occasions. (I’ve fixed my second issue, more in next message)

Regarding my secondish issue : “Not being able to use Unity Handles altogether with Aline”.
I’ve found what is the issue:

Using Alien and Handles in the same DrawGizmos() method like so

    public override void DrawGizmos()
        Drawing.Draw.Arrow(transform.position, transform.position + (transform.forward * 10));
        Handles.Label(transform.position, "" + transform.name, guis);

Does not render the Handles.Label.
However I can still use Handles if done in a separate “call?” using Unity’s OnDrawGizmos().

I mislead myself into thinking I couldnt use Unity’s method altogether with Aline’s because of the error message Alines pops up when trying to draw Aline stuff from within OnDrawGizmo. I wanted to use 1 method to draw it all, Aline and Handles.

Ah I see.

Yeah, I really wanted to be able to draw ALINE stuff from OnDrawGizmos, however due to some limitations in how and when unity schedules that call it’s unfortunately impossible to do that in a robust way at the moment.