Broken in Unity 5.5

The latest package (3.8.7) gives errors when imported into the recently-released Unity 5.5.

The error is:
Assets/AstarPathfindingProject/Generators/NavMeshGenerator.cs(442,4): error CS0103: The name `Profiler’ does not exist in the current context

(Also seems to be same error in Utilities/AstarProfiler)

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Are you sure that you are using 3.8.7? I know 3.8.6 gives those errors, but they should be fixed in 3.8.7.
In fact, I downloaded the latest pro version and opened it in Unity 5.5 and it shows no errors for me.

Ah wait. Due to a configuration error the UNITY_5_5_OR_NEWER directive was stripped out of the free version.
I have uploaded a working version now.

Awesome, thanks for the super speedy fix!

here is a simple solution for this is to add using UnityEngine.Profiling; in top of script…