Bot doesn't move to target


I am noob and I am trying to get the bot to move towards a target.

I am getting this on the console -

Path Completed : Computation Time 0.05 ms Searched Nodes 0 Path Length 1
Path Number 58 (unique id)

My settings are here :
The small dot is the target

Could some please guide me towards any pointers ? I am stuck here


I am going to guess that your ‘Height Testing’ layer mask includes the layer for the bot. This may cause the graph to place a single node on the bot’s head from which it cannot get anywhere else. Make sure that this is not the case.
This is also described in a bit more detail in the get started tutorial.

Hi Aron, thank you.

I did make sure they are not the same layer. I am using Ignore Raycast layer for bot and target
Height Testing layer mask has ARKitPlane as the the mask

Could you try visualizing the graph in the scene view? (make sure ‘Show Graphs’ is enabled at the bottom of the inspector)

It looks like so

Wow, your bot is tiiiiny. Maybe want to scale it up a bit?
The path looks correct though. Is it not moving if you move the target further away either?

Yeah it is scaled so because I am importing it into real world anchors with ARKit

It is not moving unfortunately even if I move the target further. Am I missing any link?

Did you find a solution or did it not work? I see you deleted your last post.

Hi aron, thanks and yes I figured out the issue and made it work . The problem was the bot was going below the plane.

One follow up question however, Could i add obstacles on the fly dynamically?


Yes, you can. Take a look at