Block Manager with dynamic movement

is there any built-in support for dynamic tile based pathfinding? My goal is to assign max. 1 unit per tile and make agents avoid each other dynamically when moving. Just knowing the recommended set up for a such behaviour would be very helpfull. So far I’ve noticed that block manager only support turn based appraoch.


great package and good to have this forum to receive help when needed.

I will try to be more specific with my question cos I see it is not easy to receive any response or feedback. @aron_granberg

To achieve goal described above imo I would need:

  1. When unit starts moving from node A to B marks node B as blocked and unblock node A.
  2. Each time, before unit move to the next node, check if node is not blocked. If it is blocked calc new path.

Question: Does adopting block-based movement to dynamic scenario make any sense? Would it be efficient?


This is not something that is included in the package right now.
You can implement it yourself using a custom movement script that performs all your checks. See Documentation

This is an experiment I did a long time ago, but it had a lot of limitations: Cooperative Pathfinding Experiments –, and I don’t think most games need actual cooperative pathfinding, there can be some suboptimality.