Better ways for enemy ai pathing in a dungeon crawler?

Hey great product! I’m currently getting to grips with things and trying to make ai for a dungeon crawler type game.

I’m trying to make a number of individual ai units move to a target but each of them will try not to cross each others path or each individual ai unit is aware of other units and navigate around them if to close and continue to the target.
Currently using a modified version of the aipath from the gridgraph example and checking for nearby ai units then updating the graph using the nearby units for the bounds but it causes quite a big performance drop I just wondering if there are better ways for what I’m trying to achieve? thanks.

I think you want something like the AlternativePath modifier. Add that modifier from Components -> Pathfinding -> Modifiers to your AIs, and mess around with the settings. Very high penalty values are often needed (in the range 1000-10000 or more).
See (slightly skinny) docs here

Also, local avoidance might be a good thing to use. The pro version of the A* Pathfinding Project has local avoidance built in, but there are also free alternatives such as UnitySteer.