Beta - WebGL throws errors about not being able to tick pathfinding

When using the latest version of the beta 4.3.84 in a web GL build, I get a bunch of errors in the web console that says “Cannot tick non-multithreaded pathfinding when no coroutine has been started”. This never appears in the editor.

When reproducing this issue I created a new project and just built Example3_Recast_Navmesh1, the agent was still able to navigate but the error kept getting thrown. However, in my project, where I first noticed this issue, my agents could not navigate. I believe fixing this issue fixes my agent’s navigation issue too.

If there’s anything else I can provide, I’ll be happy to!

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Thanks! A fix will be included in the next beta update.
The code was relying on ManualResetEvents in one case, which are not functional at all in WebGL.

Awesome, thank you! Any idea when the next beta version might be released? I really want to try my game in WebGL and this is a real show stopper right now. :slight_smile:

Probably some time this week.

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We are also very much waiting for this error to be fixed

I’m facing the same error, i hope the next update with a fix will be released soon


Sorry, some refactoring is taking longer than expected. But I’m working as hard as I can to get it out quickly.

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The new beta is available now! Sorry for taking so long.