Beta version for Unity 2021.3 LTS?

Hello, thanks again for the great asset and support.

What is the highest beta version supported by Unity 2021.3 LTS? I went to download the beta and it says it requires Unity 2022.2.10f1 or higher.

I looked in the changelog and don’t see a mention of when this minimum Unity version changed to 2022. I see a mention in update 4.3.50 that says Unity 2020.3.34f1 is the new minimum, but that’s it.

Thank you!

I believe 4.3.61 should be compatible with Unity 2021.3. I’m not 100% sure, though.

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hi, do we know if this minimum version has changed? I am on Unity 2020.3.42 (Linux), and was using version 4.3.51 of the AStar package. I just tried upgrading the package, and a lot of the dependencies have had to be upgraded as well. I’m currently stuck with compile issues regarding the Collections and UIElements packages.
This kind of thing has happened before, so not sure if I just have to fix these dependency issues, or if it is just no longer compatible with my setup.

For example, this is the first compile issue with the Collections package
“Target runtime doesn’t support default interface implementation”

the changelog doesn’t mention it, but the package download page for Pro beta says Unity 2022.2.10 is the new min version… I will try upgrading and see if that resolves it


Yes, 2022.2.10 is the new minimum version. Due to a bug in my build script, the package metadata was not updated with the minimum version, though. I’ve fixed this for 4.3.67 which was just released.