BETA: Class "Node" Not fuctioning as normal

Hey everyone, I just ran In to this issue a few days ago with the A* Beta~ It seems as though you cant reference Node ~
After looking in to this a little I found that Node’s initialization is in a false compile `#if FALSE

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using Pathfinding;

namespace Pathfinding {
/** Holds one node in a navgraph. A node is a simple object in the shape of a square (GridNode), triangle (NavMeshNode), or point (the rest).\

 * A node has a position and a list of neighbour nodes which are the nodes this node can form a straight path to\

 * Size: (4*3)+4+4+4+4+4+4+8+8*n = 44+8*n bytes where \\a n is the number of connections (estimate) */

public class Node

: NodeRun

Is this deliberate?? I can’t call things like, NNConstraint.Default).node; :frowning:

Even after changing #if FALSE too #if true there seems to be a number of errors with the class~

It has been renamed to GraphNode to avoid naming conflicts with other packages.
I haven’t written an update guide yet, so I understand the confusion.

Some members on the node has also been renamed, however I plan to revert many of those names to the original ones to avoid confusion when updating.

That script will be removed later when I clean everything up.

What do I have to change for Seeker.Startpath to work?~ And this still does not seem to work `public bool CheckIfPathIsPossible(Vector3 PathStart,Vector3 PathEnd){

	GraphNode node1 =, NNConstraint.Default).node;
	GraphNode node2 =, NNConstraint.Default).node;
	if (!Pathfinding.PathUtilities.IsPathPossible (node1,node2)) {