Beta - agent stuck in pathPending

Beta using followerEntity/aiDestinationSetter.

Some of my agents get stuck in a state where they are PathPending and never end up getting a path/moving.

It seems due to them being too close to the edge of the navmesh maybe? You can see there the target they are after in the image below (the gizmo handle). I’d assume it should be failing to get a path, or reachedEndOfPath, or anything but stuck in PathPending. I don’t have a good way to recover from this scenario.


That’s odd. I haven’t been able to replicate this.
Do you have any more information about when this might be happening?

It seems to only happen when the agent is very close to the target.

Also, I tried to apply a recovery fix in code but it wasn’t working because when the editor shows PathPending is checked, in code followerEntity.pathPending is false.

My recovery code expects pathPending == true. How can the editor show pathpending true when it’s false in code?


This should be fixed in 4.3.77. Which version are you using?