Beta - agent can end up not moving and not reachedDestination or end of path

I refactored my ai to use followerEntity and my behaviour move tasks set the aiDestinationSetter target.
This seems to work for the most part but the agent can end up stopped when their next target is too close.

For example, my agent is gathering items off the ground, the items are in a pile so when they reach destination to pick up one that’s fine, but then they try to reach destination to pick up the next one but it’s already right beside them.

They end up outside of, or equal to, stop distance but have not reachedDestination or end of path. The only way so far I can get them to recover is to increase stop distance.

Note the agent does collide with those pickup objects but they are low mass with rigidbody and get knocked out of the way when the agent moves, so I don’t think that’s interfering.

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I managed replicate this and I have fixed it locally. The fix will be included in the next beta update.

I’m now seeing this with increased remainingDistance, not just up close.

I have agents with the target > 4m away and falling into the problem.

They have HasPath=true but just stand there.

Any idea when the fix is coming out? Or can we get the code and do it ourselves?
My solution to increase stopDistance doesn’t really work as the agent continues to stay stopped as their targets become further away. The only way I can get them moving again is to disable/enable the followerEntity component which causes a bunch of other errors.

That brings up another question, is there a safe way to restart the followerEntity component (instead of disable/enable) where it won’t throw errors?


The fix should be out now. Which version are you using?

I cannot replicate any errors when it is disabled/enabled. What errors are you seeing?

I was on 4.3.76 but have upgraded to .79.
Where do I learn about new versions coming out? I thought scoped registries prompted you in the editor with new versions?

Anyway, so far I’m not seeing errors when enabling/disabling followerEntity in .79. So case closed for now.

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The A* Pathfinding Project should show you a popup whenever there’s a new version. And it will also show a green indicator at the bottom of the inspector.