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[Beta 4.3.61] Using MecanimBridge without navmesh snapping

Hello, the MecanimBridge script is a pretty good start for moving AI with rootmotion, but it still does navmesh snapping. What is a good solution to not have the snapping? I’m using RichAI, and RecastGraph.

Desired behavior:
(In this example I’m using Unity’s navmesh, notice how the character is not bound to the navmesh and can navigate back into it when outside it)

Undesired behavior:
(In this example I’m using RichAI and recast graph. The AI snaps back into the navmesh the second the game is unpaused and can’t be moved outside of it during play)

I don’t want to downgrade to AIPath.


This is due to the RichAI component, not due to MecanimBridge.
The RichAI component always needs the agent to be snapped to the navmesh due to the way it follows the path. I’m sorry to say there’s no way around that without using the AIPath component.