BETA 4.3.28 / 2019.4.3f1 - Editor freezing

I upgraded to the beta and after about 15 minutes in the editor it freezes. I am assuming this issue is most likely something to do with the ECS implementation separate from the plug-in, but wanted to check to see if there was any known issues or solutions around this. I didn’t have ECS or jobs or burst installed prior to upgrading, so it appears that it also installed Jobs, Burst, and ECS (but not DOTS). is there anything else I should make sure is up to date when upgrading to the beta version of A*? the errors I am seeing are surrounding the new packages in the package cache.


What particular errors are you seeing?
Does the editor log file tell you anything after the editor has frozen?
Which graph types are you using?

I am assuming it was an issue with Unity. I upgraded to 2020 and I don’t see the freezing as much anymore, although once in a while it does happen, but not enough to spend more time troubleshooting, and I’m not even sure it is aStar specifically, though it does seem to be a hanging thread. Will update if I find out anything further.

Maybe it is the same like we had:

Unfortunately this issue is unsolved. But you could try attaching the debugger and as soon as the game freezes pressing “pause” and see if it hanging in the JobDependencyTracker.

Awesome, thanks for the info, I will keep this in mind when it happens next and post any updates.