Best practices for implementing into another character controller

I am currently trying to use A*Star along with Kinematic Character Controller so far I’ve found two ways to implement movement however both are a bit janky at the moment.

Method 1:
While having AIDestination component running to update the path constantly, I pull the “steeringTarget” variable from the IAstarAI component. In practice, I then use the steering target as a way to determine where the controller should be moving with below code:

_moveInputVector = (agent.steeringTarget- transform.position);
_moveInputVector = Vector3.ClampMagnitude(_moveInputVector,1f);
_lookInputVector = _moveInputVector ;


  • It starts to bug out if the y position is greater than the controller’s. I.e if a player is on a platform above. I solved this by setting the Y to always use the controllers Y pos.
    *I dont know how much processing power this actually uses but its less than manually recalculating based on how many points are left.

Method 2:
Store vectorPath list then have the controller walk towards all of them, remove them at a certain distance. Once the list is empty, recalculate and start the process over.

If the player moves, it won’t account for that. I also noticed that alot more zigzagging in the pathfinding.

Method 3:
Instead running through the whole vectorPath list, I only use the index variable vectorPath[1] to move to, once it’s reached I clear the list and recalculate the pathfinding and repeat. I found this method the best so far as it only calculates once the 1st path is reached.

All three methods still have zigzagging issues which I don’t know how to fix it, there isn’t any zigzagging when using the test scenes only in my own. Here is a screencap of the test map im using.

After I added the SimpleSmooth modifier, it fixed the zigzagging which was my biggest issue.

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