Automatic tagging of recast geometry


Im trying to setup recast generation however I am running into some problems with the polygon soup approach it uses. The main problem is that we have some geometry that represents rocks and water that should not be walkable, however this geometry is layered straight over the ground so if I simply exclude them they are effectively walkable due to the geometry underneath.

This is okay I can simply tag these areas differently and then the AI will not walk over them. The problem with this is that I cannot find a way to automate and thus need to manually set it up every time I run the generation (at least this is the way it appears to me, hopefully I am wrong). It seems to me like the tag mask would be a perfect way to do this, in that if we where able to associate a A* tag with a unity tag when we define it then this geometry could be auto tagged in the resulting mesh.

Is there anyway for me to work around this bottleneck in the interim?

After looking at this a little deeper the GraphUpdateScene does not appear to be working with recast graphs.

Try scanning geometry and colliders, that might fix the issue right there :slight_smile:

Unfortunately that will not help.

Perhaps if the colliders where boxes this would help in that instance however many of them have surface below the max walkable slope so this simply generates mesh where I do not want it.

In the case of the water there is no collider so this will not help.

There is a fix for this in the latest beta.