Async carving process callback?

Hi, I just bought the pro version from the “spring sale” of unity assets store.It’s a such amazing navi tool!
Here is my problem:

  1. A champion charges to the enemy.
  2. When enemy is in attack range, champion will be stationary and attack it.
  3. The champion’s carving component will enabled.(so other champions can not attack the enemy at the same position, and navigate around it)
  4. To avoid the carving hole push the champion, I have to disable the ai agent component.

Now, when champion killed the enemy, and want to move another position, I have to enable the ai agent component and disable the carving component. But the problem is the “carving” call is ASYNC, ai agent don’t know when the “hole” is fixed, the champion will be forced to push to the navmesh, when the “carving hole” is not “filled”.

Is there a way to solve the problem by callback or something like that?