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Astar's Rich AI collider is put on top of UCC3 character's head

Hello, there’s an issue with Astar’s integration for UCC3. Here’s a post I made about it on the Opsive forum :

One thing is just discovered is that the Astar collider doesn’t get displaced automatically but instead when the character gets the order to move. So in the demo scene the collider is immediately displaced because the ability start type is set to automatic and a script assigns a destination. When setting the ability start type to manual the collider will stay where it is supposed to be until the character is given a destination and an order to start.

Hope you can help with that !


I don’t know exactly how UCC3 works, but it looks like maybe UCC3 is on a GameObject which is a child of the agent?

Nope, the Ultimate Character Locomotion, Seeker and RichAI components are all on the top object. Here are 2 screens to illustrate :

I can show more if you want, but in any case this is just the Astar integration demo scene for UCC, this is exactly what you find in it.

I think this question is more suited to the UCC people, as they are the ones who have written the integration code. I cannot see anything obviously wrong with your setup, but I’m not so familiar with UCC, unfortunately.

Ah, I was actually suggested to contact you on the Opsive forum, but okay I’ll go back to them ! Thanks anyway !

Well, here’s what Justin from Opsive added : “The integration just sets the destination on the A* agent. A good question would be to find out how that gizmo is positioned. The character controller doesn’t have any control over that gizmo and it’s something that is set on the RichAI component. I’m confident that this is completely on the A* side of things and doesn’t deal with the character controller.”
So if you have UCC may I please ask you again to take a look at the integration demo scene ? Or at least answer what he’s asking about how the gizmo is positioned ? Thanks.

Looking at Astar’s code, the only thing I found out so far is that the yellow collider is supposed to be based on the character’s feet as evidenced by the GetFeetPosition vector 3 - I do not understand however when and how its “position” returned value is modified. Could you please answer this ? It may help understanding why the character’s feet are not correctly found.

I just realized what the issue was all along : the ragdoll colliders. When only the main capsule collider is left there is no issue, the character moves to the destination with the Astar collider sticking to him. So do you have any idea how to handle these ragdoll colliders while using Astar ?

Edit : Just need to use layers - in UCC’s case, leave the SubCharacter layer checked on the Pathfinder’s layer mask but uncheck it on RichAi’s Raycast Ground Mask. Once that is done everything seems to work perfectly !