AstarPath.UpdateGraphs Makes RichNavMeshAgent Teleport


I have some simple destructible terrain using some cubes. Upon destruction, they call; to rescan the area around the block. However, this seems to make all enemies teleport a short distance, up to a few meters, which can be very concerning to players. This short range teleportation occurs even if the rescanned area isn’t near the enemy, or even connected to the same contiguous area.

How can I prevent this from happening?

I injected a bunch of code trying to detect when exactly it does this accidental teleport inside of RichNavMeshAgent, without success.


Do you think you could try this again with the latest beta? (if you were using the beta?)

I am beta version 4.3.82, and the latest is 4.3.83. Do you think 83 fixes this issue?

The latest is actually 4.3.84 (released a few minutes ago).
But yes, I think 4.3.83 might contain relevant fixes.