A* Pathfinding Project

Astar path script scan isn't detecting my collisions correctly


What I said the brown part shouldn’t be walkable but the orange part should be. That is how I want to set it up. Sorry if i’m confusing you but i am new to this and I guess it’s hard to explain.


Well you are using a grid graph and they cannot represent anything smaller than a whole node.
If you want to be able to represent smaller things you need to increase the resolution of it.


What do you mean by increase resolution? The width and depth setting?


Lowering the node size => higher density of nodes.


Ok I’ll try that. Just to make sure. Do you mean the script that contains the grid graph right?


On the grid graph there is a setting for node size.


And the higher density?

Again thanks for all the help you’ve been great!


Lowering the node size means you will get a higher density of nodes.
It’s like increasing the resolution of a pixel image. More resolution means more pixels per area.


Oh ok I think I understand now. If you don’t mind I’ll try a few settings and see if it works afterwards i’ll update the post here. :slight_smile:


Ok i think I’ve got almost the correct settings :
settings : http://prntscr.com/qwwlyp
rendered graph : http://prntscr.com/qwwlox

EPIC! Thank for all the help.


Note that a diameter of 0.01 is tiiny. If you just want to check the center of the nodes you can use the Point collider mode instead.


Does it make a difference performance wise because on the rendered graph it looks the same.


I think it might be a bit faster to scan. I have not tested this particular case though.


From what i can see the process took pretty much the same. maybe like 10ms difference

Point : 3672
Circle :3680


One last question. Not quite sure if should start a thread but I can’t seem to find the information of what to do if the ai hit the wall and stopped moving towards the target even tho continue to exact destination is on?


You mean if it is impossible to reach the destination?


Yeah sort of like this : http://prntscr.com/qwyqfz
it just stays there.


Could you post your movement script settings?


Sure : http://prntscr.com/qwyt2i



Your ‘pick next waypoint distance’ is quite high. I’m wondering if the agent cuts corners a bit too much when trying to follow the path. I would also not recommend a square collider like that on the agent as it is pretty much guaranteed to collide with one of the walls somehow and cause it to get stuck.