Anything Like Unity's NavMesh Modifier?

Is there anything like Graph Update Scene and NavMesh Graph that works with Recast NavMesh in that you can create a custom shape that will create geometry in the NavMesh of that shape and assign it a penalty cost?

I’ve been able to achieve this using Unity’s NavMesh Components system by creating a custom shape, converting it to a 2D mesh and using NavMesh Build Source and assigning it to the NavMesh Surface. It works fairly well. But I recently spent a lot of money on this asset given all the great reviews and am curious to know if it’s possible using this asset.

If there is something similar to Unity’s NavMesh Modifier and NavMesh Modifier Volume that modifies the NavMesh during generation (and perhaps even runtime) that may work in my favour as well.

I could just use NavMesh Graph but I’m concerned it may cause performance issues on larger maps.


Right now there is not I’m afraid. It is possible to emulate it by attaching a RecastMeshObj to an object and also using a GraphUpdateScene component, but the workflow is not the best right now.
See also this video tutorial: