Any expected issues with Beta for released game?

Hey! Few quick questions about the beta version:

  • When is it expected to be released? Is it still held up by just the Burst API?
  • Realistically, how usable is the beta expected to be when deployed in a released game? I know the A* API is considered more stable in the beta, but are there any issues in the underlying Unity Burst/entity stuff?

Hey, just wanted to bump this - I’m trying to release into early access soon and it seems like the beta is the way to go? But from what I understand it is not the “production” version for a reason, so I’m wondering if there are any remaining stability issues :confused:


Generally, it is pretty stable. Right now, there have been some recent releases with a few memory leaks.
I’m actively working on bringing everything to the non-beta version, but polishing takes sooo much time :sweat_smile: Especially now that burst/entities is out of beta.

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Awesome to hear! The hard work is very much appreciated haha

Do you have any nebulous timeframe for when the beta might get released? :smiley: (Not trying to rush you or anything - this plugin is obviously a ton of work! Just scoping out timelines for my planning :sweat_smile:)

I’m aiming for some time this autumn/early winter. But then again, the beta has been a beta for… a long time… due to me not thinking its quite ready to release.