An error maybe :p


I get this “error” in my ide, but not in unity.
I’m at version 3.5.1

The error points to a return in the constructor for RVOAgent struct VO.
public VO ( Vector2 center, Vector2 offset, float radius, Vector2 sideChooser, float inverseDt )

The error:
Project Assembly-CSharp-vs
Assets\AstarPathfindingProject\Core\RVO\RVOAgent.cs:313 The following should be assigned upon exit:
Field ‘cutoffDir’
Field ‘cutoffLine’
Field ‘dir2’
Field ‘line2’
Field ‘sqrCutoffDistance’

I don’t know any of the code at hand and there are no problems in unity, I just wanted to post it here to be safe :slight_smile:

Confirmed bug. I have no idea why Unity/monodevelop doesn’t complain as it is obviously a bug.

Compile in Unity until the next release which will fix this.