ALINE with A* Pathfinding Project


how i can use ALINE to show the Grid-Graph for Pathfinding Project? I’m add ALINE (1.5.2) and Pathfinding Project Pro (4.3.47) in my scene, but when i display the grid graph in the unity editor, all is very slow!?

My Unity-Version is (2021.2.7f1 with URP 12.1.2)

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The A* Pathfinding Project (beta) already uses a reduced version of ALINE for its drawing internally.
What does the profiler say?

The profiler says EditorLoop use 98% from CPU. Works ALINE in Scenes-View or only on runtime?
This scene-view is very slow:


Can you get more details from the profiler about what is using those 98%? Maybe a screenshot?

ALINE is used both in the scene view and game view.

Here the profiler-data (i think its better then screenshot) :

Here the more detailed screenshot from editor-record:

Hmm… That’s a lot of time. How large is your graph?

The Grid-Graph is 1024X1024

Ah, yeah, that’s a pretty big graph.

There are some inefficiencies in the current beta, I have optimized it locally to be about 30% faster. However, to render the whole graph it still needs to push out on the order of 60 million triangles per frame. Generating and rendering all those triangles is hard to do much faster.
On my computer, a 1024*1024 grid graph takes about 60 ms per frame. Which is significantly faster than on your computer, though. I’m not sure why it’s that much faster. Maybe I have a beefier computer?

You can disable “Show Unwalkable Nodes” in the A* Inspector and “Show outline” in the grid graph settings to speed things up a bit.