ALINE Feature Question

Don’t have ALINE, thinking about purchasing. I’m wondering if / how close ALINE is to covering these cases.

  1. I’d like to draw some stylized lines. For example, I want emissive/glowing lines that I can randomly mask out with noise in some places. Is this possible? Would there be anything about the shader/materials that powers ALINE that would make this difficult to accomplish if I were to modify them?

  2. A* Package has some presets for rending different grid patterns (standard, isometric, etc) - are these covered in ALINE?


  1. While I don’t think it’s that hard to modify the shaders to do this, this is not what ALINE was designed for.
    Such an effect is probably best handled by rendering to a render texture and then using a full screen post processing shader on top of that anyway.

  2. It can render standard grids easily (see Isometric grids can be rendered by squashing the grid using a matrix multiplication I guess, but it might be a bit tricky to get the correct values for everything (probably easier than writing your own isometric rendering code from scratch though).