AIPath without slow down when not facing target. Have Steering

I’m creating a top down 2D car game. AI path works great, though if a car is facing the opposite direction of the way point, It doesn’t look correct.

Using AIPath(2D,3D) if Slow When not facing target is unchecked, the car will just rotate at full speed while moving backwards and sideways looking incorrect.

If slow When not facing target is checked, and prevent moving backwards is unchecked, it sort of does the same thing but moves slowly when it is rotating, still looking like it is sliding in weird direction.

If everything is checked it looks like it is rotating while moving correctly but super slow.

I want it to move and rotate like a car would be turning. I want the steering behavior of a real life car. The car to steer and move forward only the way it is rotated. is there a way to achieve this result?


The AIPath movement script is not well suited for car-like movement, I’m afraid.
If you want that, I think the best route forward is to use a custom movement script. See Writing a movement script - A* Pathfinding Project

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