AIpath RVOController performance issues

I used 300 units for testing. Opening the two scripts of AIpath RVOController will cause the frame rate to drop by about 30 frames. If I close the two scripts of AIpath RVOController, it will return to normal.
I’m using 4.2.8 pro-version unity 2017.4.4
Thanks for any help that you could provide!


You are using a quite old version. Would it be possible for you to upgrade to a newer version?
This might require an update of Unity as well.
It is very possible that this issue has been fixed in a later version.

I upgraded unity, the current version is 2019.3. A* Pathfinding Project4.2.15. But it didn’t solve the problem. Just opening the script will still cause the frame rate to drop significantly.

I’m sorry I didn’t read the upgrade instructions carefully, but I still can’t run A* Pathfinding Project 4_3_28 normally. I’m usingUnity 2019.3.15

An error occurred while resolving packages:
Package com.unity.collections@0.9.0-preview.6 has invalid dependencies:
com.unity.burst: Resolved version [1.2.3] does not satisfy requested version [1.3.0-preview.12]

A similar error occurred in install the Entitiesand Jobs. I tried to reduce the version and it had no effect.

I lowered the unity version to 2019.3.10 and deleted the json file in the Packages folder, and there was no error display. I ran Example18_RTS and something strange happened. At the beginning, all units will continue to move downwards without stopping. If I select the unit and move the unit to a target point, the unit will continue to jitter and become more and more serious. I recorded a video, but I don’t know how to upload it.

That could possibly be that your project’s physics settings messes with the example. It might work better in an empty project.

Also. Do you have a lot of units selected when you open the scripts in the inspector?

Yes, I chose a lot of units. I changed the physics settings, everything is normal now, the jitter caused by the concentration of multiple units has disappeared, Thank you for the tip and prompt response!

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