Aipath rvo rts system

In the demo of rvo2D in 4.2.8, if you set the units to Locked and then block them with a wall, and then set one unit to be on the other side of that wall, it will avoid them.
However, if I set the speed to Slow, it doesn’t avoid the units. Which setting should I touch?


Local avoidance is inherently local. The agent does not realize that it can move around the whole group of agents.
There are some improvements for this in the beta version, though. But for more robust movement, you’d have to make your static agents into pathfinding obstacles.

It’s not a static agent.
They are just stopped for testing purposes.
In the RTS example, if you set the agent’s speed to 1, it will not dodge if a unit is stopped in front of it when it goes to attack.

If I make it an obstacle, does that mean I have to make it an obstacle when I’m stationary and then release it again when I’m moving?